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Walker Valley Farm

Our Story

Walker Valley Farm located in Oxford, MA.  For over 80 years, the Walker family has called this valley home. Four generations of land lovers have worked the farm to provide their families with homegrown products. Cristin and Chris Walker are now working towards providing the community with the opportunity to add organic vegetables, pastured chicken eggs, and honey to their family’s lives.

Pastured, Free Range Eggs

A happy garden nurtures happy chickens…and happy chickens lay beautiful, healthy eggs! Our ladies graze the land, adding to the health of the fields, and further improving the crops that we grow. When driving by the farm, check the field for their ‘tractors’! These mobile chicken coops allow them free access to the field and keeps them safe from the many predators.

Local Raw Honey

Bees, bees, bees!! For the health of your family and the future of the world’s crops, buy your raw honey from local beekeepers. Our raw honey comes from the hard working bees on our own farm and is never heated, so the sweet nectar has all the health benefits that the bees packed into it. Due to the short harvest season and the high demand, please leave your email and you will receive an update. Typically, raw honey is harvested in the end of August through September. 

Organic Vegetables

Check out our seasonal selection of organic vegetables! By eliminating toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and using methods that respect the land, crops grow happily the way nature intended. The positive energy fed our vegetables can be seen and tasted.