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3 years ago
Don’t Wreck Your Honey! | Whitfield's Simply Raw Honey

It's cold outside...So is the honey! All truly raw honey will crystallize and become hard. To reliquify, follow the directions on our bottle or check out this link for ... See more

Do you find it annoying when your beautiful, liquid, golden honey turns thick and white and becomes difficult to pour from the bottle? I do.  I know many, like my grandfather, prefer their honey to ... See more

3 years ago
The Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Due to the weather, we are going to be closed for the day. We will reopen tomorrow morning! Stay dry, drink tea...with local honey, of ... See more

Ginger tea is one of the oldest medicinal drinks. From aiding the digestive system to opening inflamed airways, it can act as a health-promoting elixir for the full body. Learn how it heals and how ... See more

3 years ago
Photos from Walker Valley Farm's post

Signs are done! Come get your honey and eggs today, we may not be open for long tomorrow due to weather....grow garden grow! Expecting radishes and peas in the next couple of weeks.

3 years ago
Honey and Allergies

Allergies bad? It may be too late this season to treat naturally, but you can get a jump on next season's allergy serving now by consuming 1-3t. of local honey. Buy yours here, open ... See more

How to use local honey for allergies by Angela, RNCP and daughter of a beekeeper!

3 years ago
Americans, Why Do You Keep Refrigerating Your Eggs?

Interesting info on eggs and how they are cleaned and stored. Clean eggs start with clean nesting boxes and happy ladies!

If you’re an American, you probably store eggs in the refrigerator – and wouldn’t...

3 years ago
Timeline Photos

We are open today! The past day's deluge has gifted us beautiful dafodils. Brighten up your table with a bundle for $1.

3 years ago
Real Raw Honey Crystallizes. And That's A Good Thing

Think that honey on the stand is no good because it's hard? Think again! This is a sure sign that it has never been heated, has a low water content, and it is easier to handle (think, it won't slide ... See more

Crystallization of honey is actually a good thing - it means you have a raw, real product that still contains all of honey's natural nutrition. Bee Raw Blog

3 years ago
Support the Honey Bee on Earth Day -

It's a gloomy day, but we're in the workshop (aka, our basement)getting hives ready for this year's additions to the apiary 🐝 and the farm stand is open with honey and eggs! Here is a great link ... See more

In 1970 an environmental movement was born to bring about a consciousness concerning air and water pollution. This movement — dubbed as Earth Day — has since evolved to encompass more than just ... See more

3 years ago

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